SyOps is an industry expert within cyber security with a wealth of experienced earned from defence and the enterprise sector. SyOps helps organisations of any size build, deliver and provide consultancy of cyber security capabilities. Our solutions enhance complex technologies to provide real time monitoring, remediation and professional services to deliver world class security outcomes to our clients that provide robust protection to their organisation.


Our Service

Tailored to your needs

SyOps we understand the need for fortified cyber security solutions.

  • No contractual commitments.

  • Fair, economical and cost effective.

  • Bespoke and transparent services.

  • 2 way door consulting through the life cycle of your requirements.

  • Guaranteed end to end service excellence.





SyOps integrates with all major systems


Cyber Security Operations Centre

A Cyber Security Operations Centre is a team that deals with security events, alerts and incidents. 


The CSOC is used to provide assurance that your organisations security is in safe hands.  Here at SyOps we understand this mission statement and our reputation depends on analysing your security alerts to the highest standard.


SyOps Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) have a number of services that can help your organisation succeed.  SyOps can provide services which provide monitoring of your organisations assets, threat relevant information, up to date signatures, rules that are tailored to your sector and a team of security analysts that are there to help answer your questions.

SyOps can provide;


24 X 7X 365 CSOC.


Hybrid CSOC where we work with your current SOC and assist with your out of hours needs.

On-Demand CSOC.  A monthly service.

SyOps will be by your side to deliver leading security outcomes.


Endpoint Detection & Response

SyOps is partnered with LimaCharlie. 

LimaCharlie is an Endpoint Detection & Response tool which has a suite of integrations that combine real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with a rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities.  


SyOps uses LimaCharlie as it is best in class EDR that abstracts away the hard parts of information security and delivers on-demand, at scale, and utilises cloud to drastically reduce costs and effort.

The tooling has the capability to integrate with many technologies used against a plethora of platforms. We have the ability of a one click deployment of managed rules and threat feeds.  


SyOps can deliver EDR as part of our SOC capability, Hybrid SOC or Stand-Alone.


Threat Hunting 

How does your organization search through its data to detect abnormal traffic, the bad stuff!   


Threat hunting is a pro-active cyber defence activity that can search through your network to detect advanced threats that can evade your existing security controls. 


SyOps will use LimaCharlie which is state of the art  EDR technology to elevate the burden of this challenging task. 


LimaCharlie EDR provides out of the box threat hunting tools that include complex searching capabilities.  SyOps will find the abnormal traffic which will create new detection rules that will help better protect your business.

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SyOps provides expert consultancy services that help clients reach the correct conclusions that are right for their organisations.  SyOps have amassed over 20 years of experience in consultancy in many different cyber solutions.  SyOps can help with;

  •         SOC services i.e. build a SOC 

  •         Threat modelling 

  •         Security consultancy and planning

  •         Threat Intelligence, specializing in the middle east region

  •         Digital Security – securing your assets

  •         Risk Management

  •         Crisis management

Here at SyOps we want our customers to reach their end goals.  We will not complicate items that are straight forward, we will not add to the delivery, we will not use ‘buzz words’, we want our clients to achieve their cyber needs.