Communication is crucial to any business and is often identified as to what makes your team strong. SyOps mission is to improve your company’s performance through effective lines of communication, leading to greater productivity, and more efficient time management.  With over 16 years’ of Special Forces experience in this field, we can provide technical knowledge, training and support in a wide area of communications from RF radios, IT networks, Information Management, Signals Intelligence, GPS and remote working applications.

Equipment Procurement

Support and advice on all aspects of purchasing and deploying communication systems. To ensure products are fit for purpose, leading to enhanced effectiveness and efficiency. SME knowledge provided for various solutions including handheld radios, SATCOM, C4IS, encryption and meshed networks.

Communications Planning

Are you a deploying and operation or a mission. A detailed analysis and recommendation report of the site communications plan including Net Management, Channel Plans and Equipment usage and procedures. Process review and recommendations to remove waste and inefficiency and enable a lean, safer operation.

Incident Response

Creating a robust framework to ensure the ability to restore a normal service operation during crisis to minimise the impact on business operations. Process design and implementation to mitigate and respond to serious incidents and casualties in a structured format. Right Information at the right time all in coordination.

Information Managment

Advice and implementation of processes for the collection and management of information together with individual or multiple sources, ensuring the distribution information to one or more audiences is secure and effective. Is the information stored correctly and easy to access.

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Employee training of all aspects on communications including radio functions, voice procedures, management of ‘Operation Room’, friendly force trackers and situational awareness tools. Also to improve abilities in design aid memoirs, and training logs All update to date trained. We can also train tactical signallers up to the highest level with members of ex UK Special Forces Communicators.

Ops Room Management

Ability to establish an ‘Operations Room’, whilst providing processes and procedures to enable effective running. Specialist advice on using the correct equipment and procedures, running of logs and passage of correct information to the relevant departments in a timely manner.

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Situational Awareness Tools

Situational Awareness Tools -Successful situational awareness requires a proactive and flexible mindset which can be enhanced by systems on the market to aid lone worker or friendly force trackers in hostile environments. Try these personal and technical safety systems tools at work or in public to form a resilient plan to respond to potential threats and ensure safety of your employees or team